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The Takk is special. A modern high-tech primeval-look aluminium poker: a twig. A logical idea. Inspired by nature and the technical possibilities of today, the twig is presented in a modern form.

Log fitter

The stove does not burn, but the wood you place in it does. The wood burns better if it is not too thick. It dries more quickly too and you can dose stoking more accurately with it.

In our instructions we advise using fist-thick wood. But not all fists are created equal.  So the Log Fitter was born.

The Log Fitter helps you select the correct size of firewood.


Always handy for lighting a fire quickly!

Do you employ the Swiss method for lighting your stove too?

Set of gloves

Use these gloves when stoking your stove. This is how, together, we ensure that making fire is safe.

Quick-start guide

To help you get started quickly with lighting your stove, we have included a quick-start guide in the starters pack. Read this carefully!

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