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Sustainable business is a matter of course for us. In the same way that you don’t leave any rubbish behind you in the woods, and you leave your camping site tidy when you leave. That is automatic too.

We usually don’t discuss this, but our subconscious behaviour is not as obvious as you might expect. High time, we think, that we shed some light on our sustainable approach to business.
And then we won’t bring it up again.

Robust. All our products are made to last and last. For a very long time, even if they are exposed to fierce fire every day.

Repairable. We design products so that they can be repaired. Consumable parts can be replaced on site without any special tools. No obscure solutions like nut and bolt connections in the fire that can never be loosened.

Recyclable. Almost all the parts of all our products can be used again. The cord is the only part of the stoves that can’t be recycled. The rest can be, and this applies to every stove we have built since 1979.

We develop, blast clean, spray-coat and assemble our products in Oirschot, in the Netherlands. Everything is shipped from Oirschot. The entire Leenders staff lives around Oirschot.

The components we use that are made elsewhere we have made as close to us as possible. The majority of our suppliers can be reached by car inside 30 minutes. The supplier of the concrete ceramic is only a 15-minute bicycle ride from us.

That they are all so close was not actually done to benefit the environment. They are just good at what they do and communicating with people in your local dialect is easier.

Solar energy
Since 2013 we have drawn most of our electricity from our roof. The forklifts, factory lighting, show room and office, all the computers, all the battery-driven production methods, all powered by solar energy. Only the compressor, freeze dryer and steel blasting cabin do not operate using solar energy.

Wood energy
Our stoves burn wood, the most obvious natural source of energy. Something that we have always been aware of. We once made gas stoves, until we came to the realisation that we were burning off a fossil fuel for a bit of cosiness in our living rooms. A bit strange, like connecting the fountain in your garden to the drinking water tap.

So wood. Completely natural and available locally. It grows for free and needs no assistance with propagation.

Talk about sustainable; wood is really green, and you can identify this from the little green leaf. Perhaps we should stick one on our company, a little green leaf.

Message from the lab; dummy 58.000


Message from the lab; first flames 54.000


Our Stories