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Your ideal stove; heat versus ambiance

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Gathering around the stove’s flames is quickly cosy and relaxing. And, above all, deliciously warm. Even so, it is handy to know if your ideal stove is intended for heat or actually for setting the mood. What tips the balance for you?

Just for cosiness
Just imagine that your perfect stove only had to set the mood. A stove like this should not generate too much heat and you should be able to light it even if it is not very cold outdoors. In the spring, in the weekend, or because you have guests. The stove must be built for this, otherwise it will get far too hot indoors and that will spoil the ambience. Above all, it is likely that you will want to see the flames and this produces a lot more direct heat. Even though you are not stoking for warmth, fire cannot help but radiate heat. So, for a stove that creates ambience, answers to practical questions need to be found. Of course, it is nice if you find the stove attractive too.

Just for heat
If you are looking for a stove for heating, other questions suddenly become relevant. It is important to know which room you want to heat. Just the living room or perhaps the entire downstairs. And if you want the stove to remain warm overnight. Which is handy when everyone is rushing to get out the door in the morning. It could be that the most practical stove is not even the nicest looking.

The ideal combination
Luckily a combination of heat and ambience is possible in a single stove. A wood fire creates unsurpassed cosiness. Wouldn’t it be perfect if the most practical stove for your needs was the one you found most attractive? Your stove specialist can help you find it.

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