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Photoshoot Boxer Plus

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Now that the Boxer Plus is making its way into more and more households, warming and charming a growing group of enthusiasts, it is time to shed some extra light on this special fireplace. In the form of a photoshoot.

The plan for today is to reconstruct the original picture of Harrie with the Boxer, taken in 1982, but without copying it. So we went to Maud’s house, she recently bought the Boxer Plus and had it positioned beautifully in her home. Photographers Peter and Marlies set up their lighting and other equipment, and after this the shoot can begin.

Bart sits down in front of the fireplace, wearing his favourite sweater, like Harrie wore his 30 years ago. Shooting the Boxer Plus in this setting is perfect, because the style of the furniture and the spacing of the room fit the Boxer Plus perfectly. He is completely at home here. A modern interpretation of the Boxer in a contemporary surrounding.

After the shoot with Bart, our model arrives. Lisa, she sits down easily in one of the Artifort chairs by the fire. The task is to make the picture look comfortable and real, and when the chair and the fire are comfortable, this task is so much more easy.

It takes a few seconds to capture a moment on camera, so standing still while you’re acting as if you are going outside for some wood are part of the deal. And when Lisa had to put some logs in the fire, she had to sit still in front of the fire for a moment. The left side of her face became quite red from the heat, but this was a small sacrifice to capture her moment of fame. In the end there is no business like showbusiness.

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